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Minister for Foreign Affairs Soini: African-Nordic cooperation to tackle global issues - Finn Nagykövetség, Budapest : Aktuális : A Külügyminisztérium hírei (angolul)


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Press Releases, 2018.06.06. | Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Minister for Foreign Affairs Soini: African-Nordic cooperation to tackle global issues

Minister for Foreign Affairs Timo Soini will attend the African-Nordic Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Copenhagen on 6–7 June. In addition to the Nordic countries, the meeting is expected to gather representatives from about twenty African countries.

African and Nordic countries want to increase their cooperation to defend the multilateral, rules-based system by drawing on their common values and interests. There is a particular need to increase cooperation. Another topic on the meeting agenda is the development of African economies: the Nordic countries have a lot of expertise and technology, which are of interest to African countries.

Minister Timo Soini will hold a presentation on unlocking the potential of young Africans. The minister will also discuss creating sustainable social structures, promoting peace and security, and increasing investment and trade.

“The wellbeing of young people is of paramount importance. In the Nordic countries, population ageing is creating a sustainability gap, while at the same time youth unemployment is growing. In Africa, population grows fast, and new opportunities for work and education should be created at a rapid pace to discourage emigration, among other things. Cooperation is the only path to sustainable solutions,” Foreign Minister Soini emphasises.

The meeting agenda includes a dinner with Nordic business leaders. Minister for Foreign Affairs Soini will also have several bilateral meetings.

Inquiries: Raili Lahnalampi, Chief of Cabinet, Office of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, tel. 358 50 5507 546 and Olivia Packalén-Peltola, Programme Officer, Unit for the Horn of Africa and Eastern Africa, tel. +358 295 351 502.

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